Recently, flash memory become one of the most popular candidates for storage-system designs, for this reason we enhance the nandsim simulator, a nand-flash simulator from ram-based to disk-based.


This virtual device use the traditional way of file image access, We modify the nandsim struct and made it more compatible for future use. We also specify the size of flash memory.


Original version reside inside the ram without the consideration of saving image, In order to access the file from kernel space, we “open” the kernel by using get_fs()、get_ds()、set_fs(), By doing this, we can create a kernel space image, and keep the data alive after shutdown
Meanwhile, we also need to modify the backbone of MTD strcture.

Size specification

Ram_based version specific provide 2 Giga bytes only, So we modify the size of specification

Future works

Dynamic image file
Distributed image file
Split image file
Compatible for the OS that have size limitation
Optimization of page space
noncontinuous page space by out place update
Performance tuning form disk buffer

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