COS mean the Configurable OS, Because Operating system (OS) plays a more important role in embedded systems to utilize various hardware and software resources. However, no OS can meet all requirements of various embedded systems. Due to the advance of reconfigurable processors, system requirements can be more dynamic. Embedded OS has becoming more critical in the development of embedded systems and thus there is a strong need of configurable embedded OS to better and faster build up the target system


COS based on SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) for embedded SoC (System on a Chip) systems to build an application specific OS according to the system requirements. COS can be easily configured to better utilize the resources of the target embedded platform and have better support to the embedded application.

The figure below perform the idea of COS:



What Is SOA ?

SOA is a design for linking computational resources (principally, applications and data) on demand to achieve the desired results for service consumers (which can be end users or other services)


This document perfroms the detail porting for COS :

Porting COS for Creator S3C2410

Future Work

Now it is implement the part of Interrupt Handing, Timer Function, Scheduler Function, Memory Management, and File System.

The future work will be focus on how to implement more features on the COS.


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