Thesis Abstract of Alumni

year name email thesis title ( abstract ) status
M104 涂堂訓 A Systematic Speed-Up Mechanism for Multi-Core Systems 研替
M103 林鈺烜 The Design and Implementation of Autonomous Identity for Social Network
M102 溫曜璟 μc_os-iii_porting_on_virtualized_arm_machine
M100 李沅臻 Inline Emulation: An Optimization Technique for Virtualization on Embedded Systems
M100 林榆豐 An Efficient SDL-based Display Mechanism on Xen
M99 朱百一 Improvements on On-line Uniform Multiprocessors Scheduling
M99 柯典嘉 Dynamic Memory Management on uC/OS-II
M98 涂堂訓 A Portable and Efficient User Dispatching Mechanism for Multicore System 博班
M98 戴偉堯 A Portable SMP Module Design on uC/OS-II arcadyan
M97 劉傑祥 Disk-Based Extra Large NAND Flash Simulator
M97 陳俊衛 An Extensible Model-based Configuration Tool
M96 吳維凱 Energy Consumption Measurement and Analysis Tool on MP3
M95 黃紀豪 Reconfigurable Memory Interface Design for Embedded Systems
M95 詹前泓 Dynamic I/O Priority Management on Linux 2.6
M95 杜偉瑜 A Task-Based Energy Consumption Analysis Tool in Multi-Tasking Systems
M95 陳彥廷 A Userland Configuration Tool for Embedded Linux Applications
M94 王永俊 Design of Embedded Speech Control System Academia Sinica, IIS
M94 周雍傑 A Universal BSP Tool for Embedded OS Porting
M94 吳東諺 Practical Issues and Solutions on Power-Aware Real-Time Scheduling
M93 尤順弘 Power-Aware Real-Time Scheduling using Pinwheel Model
M93 辜女育 Easy License Server: A Simple Framework for Software Protection 95.11 married, Trend
M93 陳國正 A Power-Aware Communication Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks
M92 張世勳 A Real-Time Multimedia Stream Scheduling Approach in Mobile Environment running studio, 2 kids
M92 卲治國 Interarrival Time Improvement for Timer Interrupts 95.11 married
M92 何世彥 Buddy-In mAiling Network
M92 林淳智 Design of Deferrable Interrupt Dispatcher on Linux
M92 陳俊宏 A Real-Time Scheduling Approach for a Web-based Rapid Prototyping Manufacturing Platform
M91 林信宏 A Real-Time Application Environment Using the Distributed Pinwheel Model
M91 黃國全 BondingPlus: Prioritized Ethernet Channel Bonding using Regular Switching Hub
M91 劉中宏 E-Secretary: An Electronic Secretary on Internet 96.1 married
M91 呂維祐 FireLinux: a FlexIble Real-timE Linux 96.3 married
M90 王吉生 Interrupt Monitor: A Real-Time Scheduling Aid for CPU-Bound Processes
M90 李信輝 A Real-Time Memory Design for Radar Signal Processor
M90 林允立 An Adaptive Distributed Proxy Architecture for Streaming Media 好樂工坊
M90 黃裕盛 Minimizing the Maximum End-to-End Delay on Network Structures Using the Distributed Pinwheel Model 高雄 IBM
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