General project naming


You can use this document to normalize your project name

Common project subdirectory names

  • src/ (source code)
  • lib/ (library source code)
  • include/ (common c and c++ header files)
  • doc/ (documentation)
  • arch/ (specific to a given processor architecture)
  • os/ (operating system-specific code)
  • tools/ (tools used during the build process)
  • conf/ (buildtime configuration information)
  • etc/ (runtime configuration information)
  • bin/ (binary files and shell scripts)

Common file names

  • README (project overview)
  • MANIFEST (list of project files with brief explanations)
  • INSTALL (installation instructions)
  • LICENSE or Copying (license information)
  • TODO (wish list for future extensions)
  • NEWS (documentation on user-visible changes)
  • ChangeLog or Changes (code change summary)
  • configure (platform configuration script)
  • config.h (platform configuration definitions)
  • Makefile (build specification)
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