Implementation of Embedded OS

- 2008



  • 0221: Lecture begins.
  • 0308: We will have lectures at 223-B on Mar 13. Please get ready to compile and run uC/OSII at PC.
  • 0327: If you didn't turn in the questionnaire.doc in class, please turn in it to TA as soon as possible.
  • 0403: Homework #2 is announced with sample input and output.
  • 0405: Team project is announced, please register it with your team members.
  • 0514: The lecture on 0515 will be canceled. Please talk to professor for your project progress by next Tuesday. Arrange which day you can present your result. — cwhsueh 2008/05/14 11:56
  • 0515: Please set up your date here for presentation.
  • 0623: Final scores announced.




  • Modify the timer in uC/OS-II Exercise 1-4 so that when the 4 exercises run together the times are shown as close as possible. Turn in a one-page report in class describing how you modify it on March 20.


Due April 17th24th28th in class.


  • None


陳思伶 王姬玲
Office Hours: TBA at 408

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