• 0919: Lecture begins.
  • 0926: Project 1announced.
  • 0930: For project one, note that if two tasks have the same priority, the one with smaller task id gets higher priority.
  • 1011: Project 1 deadline is extended to Oct 16 noon, since none of you has turned in correct solution. Please refer to the sample input and output. Make sure your output is the same format as mine. Reset the TSC time at the beginning.
  • 1012: the pqueue module in project 1 is updated. Use ”./prog1 < input” when you test.
  • 1015: Please send your project 1 to taRTSD@newslab.csie.ntu.edu.tw.
  • 1017: Project groups as the following, please prepare a 15-minute presentation of your project on Oct 31. And turn in a project proposal of free format and length by Oct 29. Please talk to me in advance to make sure your project is feasible. We will not have lectures on Oct 24, because I will be travelling.
1. r95922083陳思伶 r95922057錢亞宏 d94922002陳育誼 r94922008吳維凱
2. r95922028陳勇銘 r95922148陳士穎 r95922001曾信雄 R95944023林威任
3. r95922149陳俊衛 r95922147廖偉翔 r95922073王湘叡 R95922173Yuhana




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