Operating Systems

- 2017 Spring, CSIE 3310 - 02, 三234, 德田102

- 薛智文, cwhsueh+OS@csie.ntu.edu.tw



  • 0222: Lecture begins. Please group here.
  • 0511: Announcing result of midterm and project 1. Please visit the sheet above to see if your score is wrongly recorded. Once necessary, feel free to come to lab408 for, or make appointment with anyone of the two TAs via email, BEFORE synchronizing the score.
  • 0630: Final grades.


Grading (subject to change):

All can do project 2 to score by II with self-design subject of approval by the lecturer.
 Scoring         I   II             
● Midterm      30% (35%) Open book, close copied notes.
● Final        30% (10%) Open book, close copied notes.
● Project 1    10% (15%) Group work of 3 or 4 students, weighted by individual.
● Project 2    30% (40%) By group, as project 1.


The following homework is for you to work at home. No need to turn in but TA can help.





  • “Operating System Concepts,” 9th Edition, Silberschatz Galvin Gagne, ISBN 978-1-118-09375-7, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 東華(新月).


  1. “作業系統,” 薛智文, ISBN 957-717-906-1, 旗標.
  2. “Understanding the Linux Kernel (3rd Edition),” Daniel P. Bovert & Marco Cesati, O’Reilly, ISBN 0-596-00565-2, 天瓏.
  3. * MISRA, coding standards for industry, the IAR systems can be found in 202, rules are in its help.


  • 姜博允
    • office hour: please make an appointment FIRST via the email.
    • location: R408
    • e-mail: r05922127@ntu.edu.tw
  • 陳永傑
    • office hour: please make an appointment FIRST via the email.
    • location: R408
    • e-mail: r05944038@ntu.edu.tw
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