Operating Systems

- 2011 Fall, CSIE 3310 - 01, 四234, 德田102


  • 具有資訊、數學、及科學知識之能力
  • 具有資訊理論、硬體、軟體、與應用之專業知識
  • 能使用軟體工具或元件解決問題
  • 能分析、設計、實作、整合、測試、與評估資訊系統
  • 具備良好溝通與團隊合作之能力
  • 參與研究計畫並具備報告撰寫及科技簡報之能力



  • 0915: Lecture begins.
  • 0916: For those who would like to use the computers in 204 for homework, please send your ID to TA. You can get the root privilege to use the pre-installed ubuntu in 2 of the PCs. Make sure you keep the ubuntu the same after you finish using it.
  • 1013: Project 1 is announced.
  • 1024: Due to the unavailable server problem last weekend, deadline of project 1 is extended for one week to Nov 2 midnight. The other deadlines to come for the following projects will be unchanged.
  • 1031: The demo timetable is now available on the door of R408.
  • 1103: You can also record in facebook.
  • 1103: Project 2 is announced.
  • 1110: For project 3, please send me your 1-page proposal by 11/24. Register your team members in facebook as soon as possible by then as well. — cwhsueh 2011/11/10 09:05
  • 1114: The score of project 1 is announced (11/18 updated).
  • 1117: The midterm score is announced (11/18 updated).
  • 1120: The demo timetable of project2 is now available in facebook.
  • 1207: Project 3 is announced. For those who have their own topics, please demo your result to instructor in room 322 on the next day of final, set up time asap. And show to the class in 102 on Jan 19. The class (optional) will score your projects.
  • 0105: The final exam will start at 9AM on Jan 12.
  • 0118: Scores of projects and exams are announced.
  • 0120: The scores with final grades are announced. If you would like to change your grade or any problem, please turn in and demo all projects to TA and talk to me before 11AM Jan 30, — cwhsueh 2012/01/20 15:23
  • 0130: The scores with final grades are updated. If you have no question, it will be turned in by 3PM. For those who got 'X', please demo all projects to TA and talk to me before 11AM Feb 17, otherwise you will get 'F'. — cwhsueh 2012/01/30 11:47


Grading (subject to change):

All can do project 3 with self-designed subject of approval by lecturer.
 Scoring        I   II    III                 
● Midterm     30% (30%) (40%) Open book, close copied notes.
● Final       30% (15%) ( 0%) Open book, close copied notes.
● Project 1   10% (10%) (10%)
● Project 2   10% (10%) (10%)
● Project 3   20% (35%) (40%) Teamwork of 2-3 (4 with approval) students, with the same score.


題目 報告/Demo Time 組員
1 User mode ACPI 1:30pm Jan 13 P98922003 陳品周 B97901068 胡雅婷
2 The Linux Dispatch Queue 11AM Jan 12 B97201007 曾台綸, B97901047 呂行
3 B98902041 李庚道 B98902047 徐哲  B98902107 古長霖
4 B98902083 陳韋銘 B98902093 黃彥樺 B98902057 許晉齊
5 B98902059 王映萱 B98902001 潘俊宇
6 B98902003 楊裕宏 B98902009 高淳浩 B98902031 盧泓志
7 B98902027 楊大煒 B98902029 劉雨鑫 B98902073 田顏禎
8 B98902065 陳延松 B98902069 吳東諺 B98902115 許祐程
9 B98902081 謝朋儒 B98505005 蔣佳航 B98902091 侯佑霖
10 Remote Multiple System Controlling Tools 3:10pm Jan 13 B98902043 邱俊翔 B98902071 康秩群 B98902085 黃丌枻
11 多緒程式同步效率之分析 1:00pm Jan 13 B98902095 林珮瑜 B98902103 洪申樺 B98902119 伊丹妮 B98902121 羅克禮
12 B98902011 曾華彥 B98902061 陳柏光 B98902113 吳哲仰
13 B98902021 盧思敏 B98902035 黃允芃 B98902111 許瑜真
14 視窗調整程式 10:30am Jan 13 B98902013 劉欣瑜 B98902019 吳雙  B98902087 劉璟萱
15 B98902039 黃煒倫 B98902067 康永昌 B98902105 盧昱辰
16 強迫休眠程式 Site B98902033 薛依宸 B98902099 王綸  B98902101 黃士展
17 手機觸控板 3:40pm Jan 13 B98902015 蕭光宏 B98902017 沈家豪 B98902053 彭昶勳
18 B98902125 譚智軒 B98902127 吳兆熙 B98901195 區健華
19 B98902005 劉士銘 B98902037 邱大祐 B98902131 何康瓏
20 B98902109 劉君羿 B98902063 龍旻賢 B98208001 朱陳軒
21 B97902065 鄭皓文 B97902125 劉建榮






  • “Operating System Principles,” Eighth Edition, Silberschatz Galvin Gagne, ISBN 9780470233993, John Wiley & Sons, Inc, 東華(新月).


  • “作業系統,” 薛智文, ISBN 957-717-906-1, 旗標.
  • “Understanding the Linux Kernel (3rd Edition),” Daniel P. Bovert & Marco Cesati, O’Reilly, ISBN 0-596-00565-2, 天瓏.
  • “自己動手寫作業系統,” 于淵, ISBN 9861258450, 文魁.


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