The ”RS” stands for Researches, Resources, and Responsibilities on Sharing, Software, and System. ”rs” are also the common characters in “ours”, “yours” and “theirs”. Let's help each other to create values by Computer Science and Information Engineering.

Chih-Wen Hsueh homepage 2006/11/05

RSWiki Seeks Work Intelligence and Key Innovation. — cwhsueh 2007/04/18 14:23

Work Intelligent = 80% Work Hard + 20% Work Smart — cwhsueh 2007/05/04 22:42

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  • [公告] 貼訊息時, 請加上類型方便快速辨識. — Crilit 2009/08/15 16:01
    • 分類會慢慢增加, 有不足或建議請與我討論, tks.
    • 目前定義的類型: 公告, 訊息, 專案, 教學, 分享, 事務, 文章, 軟體, 轉貼, 未分類.

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